SS18 Trends

As a group of women that can not help but love all things fashion, our children certainly don’t miss out! Something that we have to look into as a childrens fashion brand is trends. Its always quite difficult to gage what people would like to see and what they want to see and buy, making what we do that little bit harder. That said, we have great fun looking into trends and what is up and coming!

So here we have some trends that expected to be hitting down on the high street in the coming months..


You’ll find more blush pinks against harsh greys and khaki working well together. Pops of colour will be the stand out with teal featuring quite heavily. Both the images of fabric (Geo Rhino and Buffalo skullz) are currently available to order through our Facebook and Instagram. Noticeably on the highstreet this trend is aimed more at boys which leaves us slightly baffled given animals are unisex. All of our fabrics are suitable for everyone and believe that everyone should be able to wear what they want regardless of where the high street aims.




Every SS pastels are a winner! When we think of spring we think of nice pretty colours and blossom on the trees and the daffodils and tulips so why would fashion not follow? Both the dress images are from and feature pretty detailed scenes with florals and block pastel colours. Its certainly the elegant era for fashion, you can never go wrong with pretty pinks and sky blues for girls of all ages! The image of fabrics are a snapshot of what we are working on for our new skirt range going into SS – keep your eyes peeled!






Scarves are always something easy to match to an outfit as an adult but as a child its not so practical. Snoods are a great way to still be able to accesorise without the safety fear that comes with a scarf! They can be worn all year round and would only vary on material used depending on the season. We do matching ones with our leggings which are always popular but some of best sellers have been ones you can mix and match through out. 





There’s a clear trend that’s setting and its splatter back packs! Be gone boring school backpacks with no personality and welcome the creative art attack. Colour seems to be on trend when it comes to these items as well as the added feature of a name, we found these to be popular when we first launched our accessories range last summer. We hope that this trend continues long into the year, we had great fun personalising these!



We had a lot of fun making these and the range also comes in a baby pink for a more elegant touch as well as mini backpack version which are more suitable for toddlers. We can add names or just intitals but have been known to add pictures and slogans.

(Top two backpack images are from the highstreet)

Here is to another week! Love R&R







What is the hype surrounding small businesses?

Good question.

The whole point of why we started R&R was because we were fed up of buying over-priced high street clothes that we could do ourselves. And then we thought, if we like them, why wouldn’t someone else? What are the benefits of us running a small business? Who else could benefit from our ideas? Why should we encourage each other to shop locally?

Here are a few points to answer those questions.

  • It adds value to your community. You’ll often find that local towns have a better quality of living when they decide who’s on their high street. We have made some fantastic local business relationships along the way. People want to buy local because they like the idea of having a bespoke service on their doorstep.
  • Its run by real people doing real things. You’ve not got board members, shareholders or algorithms making decisions, you have real people showcasing what they do best.
  • It can promote creativity within individuals and communities. This can be a massive confidence boost and can help others, locally, find their feet.
  • Its often more specific to your needs than a larger chain who designs and produces for the masses. We pride ourselves on giving you what you want and we will go above and beyond to make sure this is delivered. We are happy to hear what you want more of.. and of course less!
  • You give your local high street some texture and colour! Just seeing larger stores flooding the high street is nothing special and we all want something unique.
  • You are boosting your local economy! Just think, for every £1 spent with a small to medium business, 63p stays within the local economy compared to only 40p when you spend with larger businesses.

We shall leave you with this. It is really, really, really important that we support smaller businesses where we can. Whether this is buying a coffee from a corner shop, or buying clothing from us, we have to keep looking after each other.